It all began with a dream…

Ying Ying, a finance professional was always passionate about food, photography and travel. She dreamt of having a business in food that would bring people together and make experiences memorable. Ying Ying commenced business in 2005, as a single outlet of 50 covers, serving Thai-cum-local Malaysian cuisine. Now, with 15 flavourful years, Tuk Tuk - a full-fledged catering service, offers a full-service menu that now includes event management and much more!

We Aim to Spoil You

Our team forms our core, serving hot, delicious and hygienic food on time, every time, making it a hassle-free experience for our customers. The meat that goes into our preparations has the required certifications (including halal, health and safety licenses) that meet quality and hygiene standards, meal after meal. With over 15 years in the food business, our reward has been the relationship of trust that our customers share with us. You can say, when it’s about tasty hygienic food and prompt service, we enjoy spoiling you silly.

Everything We Do, We Do For You

What good is a service without an edge? We realise, it is most important for food to please the senses, more specifically taste and visual appeal. It’s equally important that our customers are at ease when engaging our services. We’ll do all it takes and more to look after our customers, who we believe, are the very heart of our business.

We assure you


Food at all times is presentable and appealing and served at the appropriate temperature


Stringent hygiene and safety standards are followed


Eco-friendly grab and go boxes


convenient grab and go boxes where needed


Happily serve guests from 10 to 10,000 pax


Reliable delivery of your orders, whether at your event or at your home

Team That Enjoys Spoiling You

We aim to spoil you for quality food and service, in every possible way. After all, the team’s culture flows from the top. With a hands-on approach to business and when required, Ying Ying too has rolled up her sleeves to take action in the kitchen. Now, enriched by years of experience in the business, Tuk Tuk has nurtured sound leaders in every sphere that run well-orchestrated teams. At Tuk Tuk, we believe every team member plays a special role in trying to ensure that you are spoiled forever!

makes it a point to understand your requirement
serves the most de-lic-a-licious preparations
that works behind the scenes to ensure the best standards in food quality, while keeping the organisation profitable and the employees well looked after
ensure an almost 100% ‘on-time’ track record of being at events fully ready and at your service