Ways Your Restaurant Can
Go Green This Year

Customers are growing increasingly concerned with eco-friendliness, which makes it imperative for restaurants to make a change. Not only is going green appealing to your customers, but it can also help your business cut down on food costs and save on utilities. While going green in your business may seem like a monumental task, there are many quick and easy changes that your restaurant can make to reduce its environmental impact.

What Does it Mean to Go Green?

Going green means pursuing environmentally friendly practices that help your business reduce its impact on the Earth. In the foodservice industry, this can be through reducing energy usage, cutting down on the use of disposable products, minimizing food waste, or many other practices.

6 Ways Your Restaurant Can Go Green

Reduce Your Water Usage

From dishwashing stations to bathrooms, just about every aspect of a foodservice establishment requires water.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Appliances

The foodservice industry uses a lot of electricity, mostly through the use of appliances.

Restructure Your Food Shipments

Getting regular or weekly food shipments delivered to your restaurant results in a higher carbon footprint

Use Eco-Friendly Disposables

You can use biodegradable or compostable options that are made out of renewable materials

Minimize Food Waste

To prevent food waste, you can implement the First In, First Out (FIFO) method, conduct a food waste audit, or use portion control tools

Optimize Your Front-of-House

Use metal utensils and melamine or china dinnerware rather than disposable options.