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Chinese Ready To Cook – Creamy Butter Chicken


Chinese  Ready To Cook – Creamy Butter Chicken

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Chinese  Ready To Eat – Creamy Butter Chicken

Cooking Instruction


  1. Remove the cointains of the bag
  2. Pre Heat 200ml OF Cooking oil up to 180″C
  3. Empty the contains of the sealed chicken pieces and insert it into the preheated cooking oil
  4. Stir Fry the chicken pieces till golden brown and fully heated internally
  5. Remove the chicken pieces and drain away the excess oil
  6. In a separate pan, add 20 ML of Cooking oil and empty the contents of sealed sauce into the pan
  7. Heat the sauce up until an internal temperature of 100’c
  8. Add the the Fried chicken pieces into the Heated Sauce
  9. Toss the sauce along with chicekn and ensure that all pieces are coated evenly with the sauce
  10. Serve with Hot frangrant rice ( Portions serves up to 2-3 People)


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